Communicate Your Value and Get More Customers.

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Everybody wants to make money doing what they love… but that’s not always easy.

In fact, for most people it’s virtually impossible – and there’s a simple reason why they keep getting it wrong.

They suck at selling themselves to their ideal customers.

Most people…

  • Don’t know how to build an audience of loyal followers.
  • Don’t know how to turn this audience into an endless stream of paying customers.
  • Don’t know how to communicate the value of their products and services.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do… If you can’t find the right words to sell yourself – you’ll NEVER grow your business. 

Now if you’re like me you want to use your talents to have a lasting impact on the world.

You’ve invested hours of your time (and a lot of money) into skills that help overcome the challenges your business throws at you.

But for the last while you’ve been struggling to take things to the next level. You’re starting to lose momentum… and it’s frustrating.

Don’t worry – every challenge is surmountable.

  • I believe that everybody has the ability to be an exceptional entrepreneur… PROVIDED they know how to make their products & skills desirable to other people.
  • I believe that everybody has a purpose… one that thousands of people can rally around… and one that can form the basis of a thriving online community.
  • I believe that anybody can become wealthy through helping others… especially when we help them achieve their goals.


Long story short: You’ve got value to offer – and Im here to help you spread your message to thousands of paying customers.

Hi I’m Daniel Marlin – I help entrepreneurs communicate the value of their products through powerful writing & content marketing.

I also contribute my insights to some of the world’s most popular business websites (like Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, and many more).

How did I start making a big impact online?

In 2015 I was a college graduate working in my family’s small software business. Working in IT had it’s perks, but I missed the freedom of being able to spend my days learning new things – a desire that only grey stronger as the months flew buy.

I started reading up on web-design, online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, psychology… you name it. But before too long, my evening study habit became an obsession.

I read THOUSANDS of articles about how to start, manage and grow a successful online business. How to amass an enormous following of loyal fans. And above all else… how to help other people sell their products through powerful writing and content marketing.

In early 2016 – I put what I had learned into practice.

In just a few short months I’d attracted thousands of followers on social media (and continue to do so).

I’ve met hundreds of interesting people and helped many of them accelerate the impact they have online.

And I’ve shared my knowledge with millions of readers on some of the worlds most influential business publications.

“Daniel sure knows how to tell a story. Even though his article was about our lives, we were gripped by his way with words.” – Mike & Robin Pisciotta
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